About Us


Former Fashion Visual Merchandiser Adva Yadgar, has been working within the fashion industry for over 10 years. With her extensive knowledge of the industry and her passion for fashion, Adva decided 7 years ago, instead of dressing mannequins, why not help dress and give advice to the beautiful people of Melbourne by creating Runway Secrets.

Not wanting Runway Secrets to be just any fashion boutique, and wanting to bring unique, rare one off pieces to Melbourne, Adva enlisted the help of top European and Israeli fashion designers best known for brands such as Seven Seventy, Status Moda and Careno. At Runway Secrets we believe the secret to looking good, is feeling good. Whether you’re a classic Grace Kelly or a chic Kate Moss, with our fashion range we've the latest trend at affordable prices for any style at any age. Why not see for yourself! Come in and visit us at either of our retail showrooms based in Melbourne and meet our friendly fashionista team who are on hand to help get the most out of your look with some expert styling.



The best kept secret in Melbourne is....... Runway Secrets